what causes gas pain

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A number of factors can cause painful gas,including:swallowing excess air,as a result of: eating or drinking too fast drinking carbonated beverages drinking through a straw chewing gum sucking on hard candy wearing ill-fitting dentures smokingeating foods that can cause gas,such as: cruciferous vegetables beans whole grains dairy productspostnasal dripconstipationchronic pain or tension

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  • What causes gas pain in the digestive system?

  • Certain digestive system disorders, such as irritable bowel syndrome or celiac disease, may cause 鈥?in addition to other signs and symptoms 鈥?an increase in gas or gas pain.

  • What are the symptoms of gas and gas pains?

  • Gas and gas pains 1 Overview. Gas in your digestive system is part of the normal process of digestion. 2 Symptoms. Burping is normal, particularly during or right after a meal. 3 Causes. Gas in your stomach is primarily caused by swallowing air when you eat or drink.

  • Why do I have bloating and gas in my stomach?

  • Sometimes gas gets trapped in the stomach. This gas buildup causes abdominal pain and bloating (a swollen or tight feeling). Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. Advertising on our site helps support our mission.

  • Why do I feel like I am passing gas all the time?

  • Sometimes, this feeling can also cause more frequent belching or passing of gas. For most people, this feeling typically comes from an increased amount of gas in the GI tract. Some people are sensitive to gas in the GI tract and may develop these symptoms even with a normal amount of gas.

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