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  • Is 89 octane gas worth it for my car?

  • Unless your vehicle specifically requires premium (i.e. a high compression engine or turbocharged or supercharged), there really is no benefit in running the higher octane so save your money. 89 octane is more mid-grade rather than premium and really only serves the purpose of suckering people into thinking their car will run better with it.

  • What is 87 octane gasoline?

  • What do you use? What should you use? The common fuel ratings (87, for instance) refer to the composition of gasoline. 87-octane gasoline is comprised of an 87 percent blend of isooctane and 13 percent n-heptane, or a blend that’s equivalent. And so forth. Nearly every gas station in America will have some form of range from 87 to 93.

  • What are the different octane grades of gas?

  • Gas stations typically carry three octane grades. State laws regulate which octane levels can be listed as premium, midgrade or regular. Typically 鈥渞egular鈥?gas is 87 octane, 鈥渕idgrade鈥?is 89 octane and over 91 octane is 鈥減remium鈥?gasoline. Some states label top-tier gasoline with 93 octane as 鈥渦ltra鈥?gas.

  • Do police motorcycles use 87 octane gas?

  • Using lower than recommended octane wont harm a modern engine but it will compromise performance. Police motorcycles only use premium gasoline. So, I assume there is really a need for it. Most cars will specify regular (87 octane) fuel, and will run best on it. If premium fuel is recommended, it usually says so on the gas gauge.

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