what is a gas log lighter

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Wood-burning fireplace accessory

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  • How do you light a gas log lighter?

  • 1 Turn log lighter gas valve to the 鈥渙ff鈥?position. 2 Place logs on the fireplace grate allowing sufficient air space between logs for quick lighting. 3 Light a long-stemmed fireplace match and hold it toward the center of the cast-iron burner ports. 4 Turn the log lighter valve 鈥渙n鈥?gradually until ignition occurs. More items…

  • Do I need a log lighter for my fireplace?

  • Fireplace log lighters are fire starters, NOT gas burners. You should only use a log lighter to light the fire, not keep it on. The only time you need these fireplace log lighters is when you are going to light up the logs inside the fireplace. Recommended Types of Gas Fireplace Starters:

  • Do you need a control valve for a log lighter?

  • These kits serve as a log lighter valve, which attach to the main gas line and control the flow of gas to the log lighter. All log lighters need a control valve for operation, as a log lighter could not be connect to the main line without one. Do not install gas valves inside the firebox of your heat source!

  • Are steel log lighters better than cast iron log lighter?

  • However, a fireplace log lighter that is made out of steel only has a standard starter pipe without an ash protection baffle. But on the positive side, steel log lighters are normally more affordable than cast iron. A gas fireplace key replacement is an affordable option with Fireplace Doors Online!

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