what is gas prices in california

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The national average is $3.131 per gallon as of Thursday; California鈥檚 average is$4.31for regular grade gas 鈥?even higher than Hawaii鈥檚 gas price average at $4.04,and Hawaii has to import most everything,including gas. California鈥檚 medium unleaded gas sells for $4.50 per gallon on average.

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  • How high are gas prices in California compared to other states?

  • And it鈥檚 no secret that prices in California are well above those in the rest of the country 鈥?the current average price in California, about $4.75 per gallon, is about $1.20 more than Wednesday鈥檚 U.S. average, according to AAA. And prices are expected to go up some more before they go down, the U.S. Energy Information Administration projects.

  • How much is the excise tax on gas in California?

  • State Excise Tax: The California state excise tax is currently 51.1 cents per gallon. Federal Excise Tax: The federal excise tax is currently 18.4 cents per gallon. Retail Gasoline Price: The weekly average price for California from the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

  • Is there a seven-day average for gasoline prices?

  • It is not a seven-day average. The margin provided here is an indicator for the California market as a whole and not for any particular refiner or retailer of gasoline. The Energy Commission cannot estimate profit margins based on average retail prices and observed wholesale market prices.

  • Which gas station has the lowest prices in California?

  • Top 10 Lowest Gas Prices Best Gas Stations in California 1 Uncle Buddy’s Pumps 2 Yokut Gas Station 3 Lucky 7 Fuel Mart 4 Fastrip 5 ARCO 6 Costco 7 Safeway 8 Hanford Gas 9 Costco

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