what is molar gas constant

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Molar gas constant also known as gas constant, the universal gas constant, or the ideal gas constant is afundamental physical constant that arises in the formulation of general gas laws. The molar gas constant is denoted by the symbol R. It is equivalent to the Boltzmann Constant.

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  • What is gas constant (universal molar gas constant)?

  • What is gas constant (universal molar gas constant)? – Definition from WhatIs.com The gas constant, also known as the universal molar gas constant, is a physical constant that appears in an equation defining the behavior of a gas under theoretically ideal conditions. The gas constant is, by convention, symbolized R.

  • What is the gas constant called?

  • The gas constant is a physical constant denoted by R and is expressed in terms of units of energy per temperature increment per mole. It is also known as Ideal gas constant or molar gas constant or universal gas constant.

  • What is the ideal gas constant?

  • The ideal gas constant is also known as the universal gas constant or the molar gas constant or simply the gas constant. It is a very important constant in chemistry and physics. It is denoted as R. The dimension of the gas constant is expressed in energy per unit mole per unit temperature.

  • Why is the gas constant expressed in joules per mole per kelvin?

  • Hence the expression of gas constant in Joules per mole per Kelvin is justified. The Specific Gas Constant of a particular gas or a mixture of gases is calculated by dividing the molar gas constant by the molar mass of the gas or the mixture. The application of specific gas constants is in the field of engineering especially.

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