what is the gas tax in illinois

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$1 per gallon

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  • How much do Illinoisans pay in taxes just for gas?

  • They got that way in 2019, when Gov. J.B. Pritzker doubled the state gas tax to fund $45 billion in infrastructure and pork projects. Illinois residents now pay nearly 25 cents per gallon more than they did before Pritzker鈥檚 tax hike, and on top of record fuel prices. Illinoisans pay about $1 per gallon, just for taxes.

  • Is there a tax on aviation fuel in Illinois?

  • In Illinois, Aviation Fuel is subject to a state excise tax of $0.011 UST / EIF In Illinois, Jet Fuel is subject to a state excise tax of $0.011 UST / EIF Payments of fuel excise taxes are made by fuel vendors, not by end consumers, though the taxes will be passed on in the fuel’s retail price.

  • How much is the state excise tax in Illinois?

  • The state excise tax of 39.2 cents makes up the bulk of the tax in Illinois after doubling from 19 cents. State leaders now can avoid voting on politically unpopular gas tax hikes because they tied future taxes to inflation, with automatic increases every July 1. Drivers pay another 20 cents per gallon in other state taxes and fees.

  • Which state has the highest gas tax rate?

  • Which State has the Highest Tax Rate? The state with the highest tax rate on gasoline is Pennsylvania at $0.586 / gallon followed closely by California at $0.533 / gallon. The highest tax rate on diesel is $0.741 / gallon again from Pennsylvania. Meanwhile the highest tax rate on aviation fuel is Indiana at $0.51 / gallon.

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