what is the treatment for heart palpitation related to gas

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There are some very useful natural ways,to improve your digestive health and reduce gas forming and heart palpitations. 1.Ginger capsules-500 milligram of ginger root taken three times a day after the meal,improves your digestive health. 2. Burping- It eliminates the gas within the stomach,and,therefore,reduces the stomach pressure over the vagus nerve. Simethicone is a drug which prompts burping. 3. Change position- Changing position might take the pressure off your stomach.

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  • How to reduce stomach gas and ease heart palpitations?

  • Best ways to reduce stomach gas and ease heart palpitations There are some easy and effective ways that help in reducing stomach gas and easing heart palpitations. 1. Burping- burping eliminates the gas within the stomach and, therefore, reduces the stomach pressure over the Vagus nerve.

  • What is the best treatment for heart palpitations?

  • The best type of treatment for you depends on what causes your palpitations. You may not need any treatment. If the palpitations are related to certain foods, you should avoid those triggers. If you have heart disease or an abnormal heart rhythm, you may need medication, a procedure, surgery or a device to correct the problem.

  • How does gas cause heart palpitations?

  • The expansion of the stomach by the presence of gas is mistakenly perceived by the heart as stimuli to send more blood to the stomach. The accelerated heartbeat is perceived as a palpitation.

  • What are the best home remedies for chest pain due to gas?

  • Taking antacids is one of the best home remedies of chest pain due to gas. Heart palpitations from anxiety usually go away within a few minutes. They tend to start suddenly and end quickly. If you have recurring heart palpitations from anxiety, your healthcare provider might diagnose an anxiety disorder.

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