when will gas prices go down in utah

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  • How high will gas prices rise in Utah?

  • By the end of August, AAA warned, the price for a gallon of gas is expected to rise by another dime or two. While in Utah, the Beehive State saw a 6 cents a gallon spike in a matter of week, AAA reported, one of the highest rises in the country during that period.

  • How much have gas prices gone up in recent months?

  • GasBuddy 鈥?an app that tracks national gas prices and allows users to find the cheapest gas locally 鈥?said in a blog post Tuesday that the national average price for a gallon of gas had gone up nearly 8 cents in the last month and more than 94 cents since last July at this time.

  • When are county average gas prices updated?

  • County average gas prices are updated daily to reflect changes in price. For metro averages, click here. Nowhere to Go But Up? Read more

  • What will happen to gas prices in 2022?

  • Based on that, Gulley says oil, which is currently hovering at more than $105 a barrel, is projected to come down to around $85 by the end of 2022. 鈥淚f that comes to fruition, that would put downward pricing pressure,鈥?on gasoline, says Gulley.

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