when will gas shortage end in nc

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  • Why is there a gas shortage in North Carolina?

  • During a news conference on Wednesday, Cooper again urged North Carolinians only to buy when you need gas. The shortages we’re seeing is pretty much related to panic buying from people, he said.

  • When will the gas shortage end?

  • A gas expert says the shortage will be over by Memorial Day. If you’re expecting to easily find gas this weekend, you might have to reevaluate your plans: The pipeline resuming operations isn’t going to immediately bring gas back.

  • How many gas stations in North Carolina are without gas?

  • At one point, more than 70 percent of all gas stations in North Carolina were without gas. As of 10 a.m. Monday, 53 percent of gas stations in the state were without fuel, according to GasBuddy鈥檚 top analyst.

  • What happened to North Carolina鈥檚 largest gas pipeline?

  • The operator of the nation鈥檚 largest gasoline pipeline that was hit with a ransomware cyberattack says it has resumed normal operations and is now delivering millions of gallons of fuel per hour. By Sunday night, North Carolina was down to 58 percent of gas stations without fuel, according to Gas Buddy.

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