where is natural gas found in texas

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Wolfcamp shale

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  • How is natural gas produced in Texas?

  • Natural gas in Texas was first discovered as a by-product of oil. As oil production and exploration increased, gas production began to rise, peaking in 1972 with a total of 9.6 trillion cubic feet produced annually in Texas.

  • Where is natural gas found in the US?

  • Most of the natural gas production in the U. S. is concentrated around Texas and the Gulf of Mexico. A study by the U. S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), Oil and Gas Journal and World Oil showed that the U. S. contains 3 percent of the world鈥檚 total natural gas reserves.

  • What are the major natural gas fields in Texas?

  • Texas has maintained a steady level of natrual gas production with the help of the discovery of major natural gas fields such as Newark, East field in North-Central Texas, the Carthage field in East Texas, the Panhandle, West field in the Anadarko Basin, and the Giddings field in the Gulf Coast Basin.

  • Who are the natural gas distributors in Texas?

  • Natural gas distributors in Texas include the Texas Gas Service, the Gateway Energy Corporation, and the West Texas Gas, Inc. Natural gas remains an important contributor to Texas鈥?economy. In 2006, more than 312,000 Texans (3.1 percent of the state鈥檚 workforce) were employed by the oil and natural gas industry.

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