which cars have the best gas mileage

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  • Which diesel cars get the best gas mileage?

  • The Chevrolet Cruze Diesel, surprisingly, is the most highway-friendly option with up to 48 MPG. Others, like the Kia Forte FE and Jaguar XF Diesel, don’t do so well in the city. But even the lowly tenth-place car achieves an average of 35 MPGs combined.

  • Which hybrid SUVs get the best gas mileage?

  • Keep reading to see the models with the best gas mileage. The 2021 Toyota Venza is a two-row crossover hybrid SUV, and it’s fully redesigned for the 2021 model year. Gas mileage ranges from 40 mpg in the city to 37 mpg on the highway, which is respectable for a hybrid SUV.

  • What is the best small car with 36 mpg?

  • Several small cars are rated at 36 mpg combined, but the most surprising is the 2020 Honda Civic. Its turbocharged 1.5-liter is tremendously efficient but also produces class-leading acceleration numbers. Learn more What is the cheapest car with the best gas mileage?

  • What is the most fuel efficient car in the US?

  • Honda Civic Sedan 1.5T (Tie) Honda has two of the most fuel-efficient cars in America on this list: the Fit, and the turbocharged Civic sedan. With the smaller 1.5-liter engine and a continuously variable transmission, the Civic gets 32 miles per gallon in the city, 42 on the highway, and 36 combined.

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