which gas is used in flying balloons

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  • What gas is used to make balloons float?

  • Weather balloons and party balloons both use helium gas. As long as the gas plus the balloon is lighter than the air it displaces, the balloon will float in the air. Helium is normally used in balloons that float. Helium is the second lightest gas.

  • Do hot air balloons use helium or propane?

  • Many people think hot air balloons are using helium because a typical birthday balloon is often filled with helium. There are a few reasons propane is the gas of choice in a hot air balloon. The name 鈥渉ot air balloon鈥?helps give you some idea of exactly how the propane is used to fly the balloon.

  • What keeps a hot air balloon in the air?

  • Propane is a very light and easy to transport gas which allows hot air balloons to stay up in the air. Without propane, the hot air balloon would not be able to fly.

  • What makes a hot air balloon fly?

  • Heating up regular air makes its molecules expand, becoming lighter than the surrounding atmosphere. That鈥檚 what causes hot-air balloons to lift off. Gas balloons used in races such as the Balloon Fiesta鈥檚 America鈥檚 Challenge use either helium or hydrogen, both lighter-than-air gases in their natural, unheated state.

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