which gas is used in flying balloons

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  • Do hot air balloons use helium or propane?

  • Many people think hot air balloons are using helium because a typical birthday balloon is often filled with helium. There are a few reasons propane is the gas of choice in a hot air balloon. The name 鈥渉ot air balloon鈥?helps give you some idea of exactly how the propane is used to fly the balloon.

  • What keeps a hot air balloon in the air?

  • Propane is a very light and easy to transport gas which allows hot air balloons to stay up in the air. Without propane, the hot air balloon would not be able to fly.

  • Do you need fuel on a hot air balloon?

  • Luckily, as a passenger on a hot air balloon, you will not need to worry about bringing your own fuel or how much fuel is on board. The hot air balloon pilot is well trained when it comes to these sorts of things, and he or she will make sure the balloon is adequately stocked.

  • What happens when you put propane in a balloon?

  • When liquid propane is heated, it turns into a gas. This gas will be hotter than the air, and because of that, it will help the balloon to rise. If you have ever been on a hot air balloon, you have probably seen the simple system they have of heating gas and using it to fill the balloon.

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