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  • What is blue gas made of?

  • Technically, blue gas is gasoline or diesel that is a hydrocarbon fuel manufactured from hydrogen and carbon feedstocks instead of being refined from petroleum. This sounds interesting, but there are several questions you have to ask. The first is where the hydrogen and carbon comes from.

  • Who is blue fuel energy?

  • Based in Victoria, British Columbia (BC), Canada, Blue Fuel Energy (BFE) is a privately-held company in advanced planning for the design and construction of a world-scale natural gas- and renewables-to-gasoline plant.

  • Where is the Blue Fuel Gas Plant?

  • The plant will be built on a 1055-acre site (Sundance) 23 km east of Chetwynd in Northeastern BC. The region features an extraordinary convergence of natural gas and renewable energy (hydro, wind), which will be integrated in the production of Blue Fuel gasoline.

  • Which companies are using blue gas?

  • In warehouses owned by Amazon, Walmart, McDonalds, and BMW, 6 in 10 forklifts are now powered by 鈥淏lue Gas.鈥?BMW鈥檚 new hexacopter! 100 buses that Japan plans to deploy for the Olympics in Tokyo.

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