who pays for gas meter replacement

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  • Do I need to replace my gas meter?

  • To obtain precise gas readings to ensure you are paying the correct amount for your energy bills, it is essential to replace your gas meter when recommended. If your gas meter is approaching the end of its useable life, your gas company should send you a letter reminding you to have it replaced.

  • Who is responsible for the repair of my meter box?

  • Any repair or replacement work on your meter box comes under the responsibility of the property owner. If your meter box is on its last legs and it is time to replace it, we stock a large range of electric, gas and water meter boxes that can be fitted internally and externally.

  • How does a gas meter work?

  • They consist of a vane that is turned by the gas flow; there is very little chance that they can ‘speed up’. All you need to understand is that a gas unit on the old Imperial meter (1 unit = 100 cubic feet) is approx 31kWh – you can get an accurate figure from the formula on your bill when you know the exact calorific value.

  • Who is responsible for gas and electricity meters?

  • National regulation: gas and electricity meters. Ensuring that meters register the correct quantity of gas and electricity consumed. The Office for Product Safety and Standards (Safety Standards) is only responsible for gas and electricity metering accuracy and complaints about billing should firstly be directed to the supplier concerned.

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