why are gas prices going up in california

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California鈥檚 high fuel prices arepartly because of taxesas well as regulatory programs aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Together, they added about $1.27 to the cost of a gallon of gas last month, according to a calculation by the Western States Petroleum Association.

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  • How high are gas prices in California compared to other states?

  • And it鈥檚 no secret that prices in California are well above those in the rest of the country 鈥?the current average price in California, about $4.75 per gallon, is about $1.20 more than Wednesday鈥檚 U.S. average, according to AAA. And prices are expected to go up some more before they go down, the U.S. Energy Information Administration projects.

  • How high have gas prices gone up?

  • It was back in March that prices first broke the record of $4.11 a gallon, which had stood since 2008. That now seems like the good old days: The national average has been rising steadily for the past month, setting 27 records in the last 28 days.

  • What is the average price of gas in the US?

  • The average price for regular unleaded gas surged by a quarter in the past week to a record $4.86 on Monday, AAA said. That鈥檚 up 59 cents more than a month ago, and $1.81 more than a year ago.

  • Why is gasoline so expensive?

  • That’s because there’s a number of reasons beside the disruption of Russian oil exports driving prices higher according to Kloza. And making predictions about where prices will go has proved difficult. As school let out and summer travel picks up, so will gasoline demand and price, he said.

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