why are gas prices going up in florida

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  • Why have Florida gas prices rocketed up?

  • Florida gas prices have rocketed up over the past three months. Just before the new year, Florida was heading into a five-month low with average pump prices hovering around the $2-per-gallon mark as concerns about the pandemic dampened demand.

  • How much is the average gas price in Florida?

  • JACKSONVILLE, Fla. 鈥?Fueling up at the pump in Florida is getting pricier. 鈥淭his is just ridiculous鈥ust ridiculous,鈥?said Darneil Henry, Jacksonville resident. Prices are also soaring nationwide. The new national average is $3.26, according to AAA. That鈥檚 more than $1 higher than last year.

  • Why is heating oil so expensive in Florida this winter?

  • While Florida had a mild winter, northern states did not. They rely on heating oil, which comes from crude oil, to heat their homes during the colder months. Increased demand for it pushes crude oil prices higher, which can affect prices at the pump.

  • Where does Florida鈥檚 gasoline come from?

  • 鈥淢uch of Florida鈥檚 gasoline comes from refineries in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi,鈥?said Mark Jenkins, AAA spokesman. 鈥淪o an interruption to the supply line there has a direct impact on prices here.鈥?/div>Why are Florida gas prices up significantly since December?

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