why are gas prices going up in florida

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Tightening global crude oil supplies

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  • What’s going on with gas prices in Florida?

  • Just before the new year, Florida was heading into a five-month low with average pump prices hovering around the $2-per-gallon mark as concerns about the pandemic dampened demand.

  • Will gas prices drop further this summer?

  • – CNET Gas Prices Drop Further: How Low Could They Go This Summer? After reaching a record high in mid-June, gas prices have cooled down lately. Gas prices have continued to decline since reaching an all-time average high of $5.02 in mid-June.

  • Why did Florida鈥檚 oil prices rise 26 cents last week?

  • Florida鈥檚 average price climbed 11 cents last week and has jumped 26 cents since the middle of February when the arctic blast knocked out power at oil refineries in Texas and around the Gulf Coast. Many of those refineries are still working to return to full operations, AAA says.

  • Where does Florida鈥檚 gasoline come from?

  • 鈥淢uch of Florida鈥檚 gasoline comes from refineries in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi,鈥?said Mark Jenkins, AAA spokesman. 鈥淪o an interruption to the supply line there has a direct impact on prices here.鈥?/div>Why are Florida gas prices up significantly since December?

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