why are gas prices going up in florida

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Supply and demand

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  • Why have Florida gas prices rocketed up?

  • Florida gas prices have rocketed up over the past three months. Just before the new year, Florida was heading into a five-month low with average pump prices hovering around the $2-per-gallon mark as concerns about the pandemic dampened demand.

  • How much is the average gas price in Florida?

  • JACKSONVILLE, Fla. 鈥?Fueling up at the pump in Florida is getting pricier. 鈥淭his is just ridiculous鈥ust ridiculous,鈥?said Darneil Henry, Jacksonville resident. Prices are also soaring nationwide. The new national average is $3.26, according to AAA. That鈥檚 more than $1 higher than last year.

  • Will gas prices hit an all time high?

  • The national average cost for a regular gallon of gas may reach an all-time high this week. The higher prices at the pump can be attributed to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Gas prices are expected to continue to rise, with the national average over $4 for much of 2022.

  • How much does a gallon of gas cost in your state?

  • As of Tuesday morning, the average cost for a gallon of gas in the country was $4.17, according to AAA. The price is up about 10 cents from Monday and more than 50 cents from last week.

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