why can’t you pump gas in oregon

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Fire hazards

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  • Can you pump your own gas in Oregon?

  • But for residents of two states, pumping one鈥檚 own gas is equivalent to walking into a Waffle House and having to cook your own meal. That鈥檚 because pumping gas is actually illegal in Oregon and New Jersey, where gas station attendants do the pumping for you.

  • Why are self-service gas pumps banned in Oregon?

  • Oregon鈥檚 ban on self-service gas pumps dates back to 1951, when the state was concerned about untrained pump operators spilling fuel. Since then, gas stations and pumps have become safer and most states have abandoned these laws.

  • Is it legal to pump your own gas in New Jersey?

  • New Jersey now stands as the only state where it remains illegal for motorists to pump their own gas. The new law has allowed for some jokes at the expense of Oregon drivers who worried that pumping their own gas would cause massive spills and leave them smelling of fuel.

  • Is pumping your own gas a health hazard?

  • According to the legislature, pumping your own gas is a 鈥渉ealth hazard,鈥?whereas requiring 鈥減roperly trained鈥?attendants to pump gas 鈥渞educes fire hazards.鈥?In addition, self-service stations expose customers to 鈥渢he dangers of crime and slick surfaces,鈥?while leaving small children in the car to pay for gas 鈥渃reates a dangerous situation.鈥?/div>Oregon’s Freak-Out Over Pumping Your Own Gas Shows Why

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