why do gas stations scan id

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  • How does ID-scanning and anti-fraud work?

  • According to The Retail Equation (TRE), the company that provides this ID-scanning and anti-fraud database service, it uses 鈥渟everal pieces of information from IDs to ensure accurate consumer identification鈥?Typically, this includes identification number, name, address, date of birth and expiration date.鈥?/div>What Information Can Retailers Store When They Scan Your

  • Do stores have to scan your card to sell items?

  • I doubt they are required by law to scan the card. If they insist, ask to talk to the manager, then ask if it’s a store requirement or the law. They could refuse the sale, then go elsewhere.

  • Do you ask the cashier not to scan your beer?

  • I will ask the cashier not to scan it, and most of the time they will comply. If they insist, I refuse and leave the beer sitting their on the counter. There are too many businesses that want me as a customer that I can shop at for me to comply with a rule (not law), that I don’t agree with.

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