why is gas so painful

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It鈥檚 caused by abuild-up of gas in the digestive systemthat puts pressure on the stomach area and causes pain. It鈥檚 perfectly normal to produce this gas. In fact,we all produce gas and need to pass wind to release it on average around 15 to 20 times a day. Holding it in can lead to painful trapped wind and noticeable bloating.

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  • What does it mean when you have gas pains?

  • Excessive gas could be a sign of an abnormality with your digestive system, like gastroparesis, for example. Also, what you think are gas pains could actually be any one of a number of health problems. Here are just a few possible causes of abdominal pain and bloating:

  • What causes bloating and gas pain in the stomach?

  • Medical conditions that may increase intestinal gas, bloating or gas pain include the following: Chronic intestinal disease. Small bowel bacterial overgrowth. Food intolerances. Constipation.

  • Is it normal to have gas pain after eating?

  • Getting rid of excess gas, either by burping or passing gas (flatus), also is normal. Gas pain may occur if gas is trapped or not moving well through your digestive system. An increase in gas or gas pain may result from eating foods that are more likely to produce gas. Often, relatively simple changes in eating habits can lessen bothersome gas.

  • Should I talk to my doctor about my gas pain?

  • It can also give your doctor a window into whether any health conditions may be causing your gas pain. Hopefully, these tips will help make your gas pain feel a bit better, and luckily, in most cases, gas doesn鈥檛 require medical attention, the Mayo Clinic says.

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