why is natural gas measured in cubic feet

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The first thing to remember: natural gas is measured by volume (cubic feet) but is sold based on itsheating content(Btus). A cubic foot of natural gas is the amount of natural gas that can be contained in a cube one foot on a side,at a certain standard temperature and pressure.

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  • How is natural gas measured?

  • How Natural Gas is Measured UNIT OF MEASURE APPROX. HEAT ENERGY 1 cubic foot 1,000 BTU’s 100 cubic feet (1 therm) 100,000 BTU’s 1,000 cubic feet (1 mcf) 1,000,000 BTU’s

  • How much natural gas is in a cubic foot of gas?

  • Natural gas measurements and conversions. 1 cubic foot natural gas (NG) 鈥?wet = 1,109 Btu. 1 cubic foot 鈥?dry = 1,027 Btu. 1 cubic foot 鈥?dry = 1,087 kilojoules. 1 cubic foot 鈥?compressed = 960 Btu. 1 pound = 20,551 Btu.

  • What is the conversion factor of gas?

  • This is a number by which the volume of gas is multiplied in order to determine the amount of energy consumed. The conversion factor takes into account the energy content, the pressure at which the gas was delivered, and the conversion from imperial units to metric (if the meter measures in cubic feet and not cubic metres).

  • What is measuring natural gas (MCF)?

  • What is Measuring Natural Gas (MCF)? 1 Understanding MCF. MCF is conventionally used to measure the quantity of natural gas in the U.S., which uses the imperial measuring system. 2 Evolution of Natural Gas Accounting. … 3 Accounting in MCF. … 4 Special Considerations. … 5 Related Readings. …

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