can gas pains feel like menstrual cramps

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Gas pains are usually higher on the pain scale than menstrual cramps,although the amount of time that the pain level is high is short. The best way to know if you have gas pain or menstrual cramps is to eliminate any cause of gas pain before your period starts.

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  • Is it normal to have gas pain during your period?

  • Normal amounts of gas are common, but if you are passing gas all day long or even for several hours, you have too much gas. During your period you may have wondered to yourself, can gas pain feel like menstrual cramps?

  • What is the difference between gas and menstrual cramps?

  • Gas pains come in waves and then end as soon as you move your bowels. They usually last up to 30 minutes and could be constant. Menstrual cramps are generally a type of dull pain that last longer periods of time, such as for a minute or longer.

  • What do menstrual cramps feel like?

  • What the cramps feel like: They’re severe — like sudden leg cramps in your lower belly. You may also have ongoing pain in your groin and back. Other symptoms: You might have pain during your periods or sex, a burning feeling in the vagina, and problems pushing out stools.

  • Can chewing gum cause gas pain during your period?

  • Even something as simple as berries or healthy grains could potentially cause gas pain. Don鈥檛 chew gum for the whole week before your period. Then there is no reason for you to have painful gas pain during your period, and you will only have menstrual cramps.

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