can i get gas with quadpay

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Yes, Quadpay runs a 鈥渟oft鈥?credit check to confirm your identity when you take a Quadpay loan. However, the company doesn鈥檛 run a 鈥渉ard鈥?credit check. Hard credit checks can reduce your credit score, but soft checks have no impact. Can you pay for gas with Quadpay?

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  • Can I pay bills with quadpay?

  • Yes. As long as you have the available balance, you can pay bills with Quadpay. The service’s bill-pay feature sets it apart from other BNPL lenders . Is There a Credit Limit?

  • How many items can I buy with quadpay?

  • Quadpay gives each user an available balance they can use for any purchase. While there is no limit to the number of items you buy or places you shop, you are limited by how much your available balance is. You can see your balance in the app, and the amount will adjust as you make new purchases and payments, just like with a credit card.

  • Can I use quadpay with an overseas credit card?

  • When you set up your Quadpay account you can link it to any U.S. credit or debit card鈥攏o overseas or pre-paid debit cards. After you make a purchase, the application sets up a four-installment auto payment plan which will run the linked card automatically.

  • What is quadpay spending limit and how does it work?

  • Quadpay determines what your spending limit is every time you try to place an order. Some transactions may be denied if they are above the limit for which you qualify. For certain purchases, you may be given the option to leave a higher initial payment if the purchase price exceeds your approved limit.

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