do pistachios give you gas

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  • Can pistachios upset your stomach?

  • Fiber in your food is essential and pistachios can provide you with a lot of them. But having too much of dietary fibers will upset your stomach and lead to diarrhea, abdominal pain, and cramping, intestinal pain, irritable bowel syndrome etc鈥? These are some of the common side effects of pistachios.

  • Do nuts make you gassy?

  • The University of Michigan Health System stated that while nuts are gas-producing foods, your body typically produces a normal amount of gas when eating nuts. Therefore, people with bowel incontinence, a condition where the body is not capable of controlling gas, are allowed to consume nuts.

  • Do avocados make you gassy?

  • Avocado Like nuts, avocados are packed full of good fats and essential fibre and is a high polyol food, meaning the rate of digestion and risk of gas being produced is even higher. Often it鈥檚 a case of amount 鈥?eating 鈥? an avocado is fine but a whole one may cause a problem.

  • Are pistachios good for You?

  • Some studies suggest that eating pistachios lowers the amount of fat and sugar (glycemic index) in your blood, as well as improves the flexibility and tone of your blood vessels. Although raw pistachios don鈥檛 have much sodium (1 cup has about 1 milligram), that鈥檚 not true for roasted pistachios, which are often salted.

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