do they give you laughing gas for wisdom teeth

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  • Which is better laughing gas or anesthesia when have your wisdom teeth out?

  • Which is better, laughing gas or anesthesia when have your wisdom teeth out ? Depends: If you prefer to be unaware of the procedure and have minimal if any recall, intravenous sedation or general anesthesia would be recommended.

  • Can a dentist give you laughing gas?

  • Almost all dentists can give you laughing gas or prescribe you oral sedation pills. More dentists are becoming certified in offering the 鈥渢wilight鈥?type of IV sedation. However, to give any sort of deep sedation or general anesthesia, a dentist needs to complete a special program about deep sedation, first.

  • Is dental sedation the same as laugh gas?

  • However, dental sedation is a more varied and complex field than just laughing gas, with lots of options for patients who feel anxiety or even fear at the thought of going to the dentist鈥檚 office. Dental sedation is not part of the pain management your dentist will give you. Numbing agents and shots cover that part of the procedure.

  • Is laughing gas a substitute for anesthesia?

  • Laughing gas btw is not a substiture for anesthesia. At minimum you will still get local anesthesia. I, myslef when having the procedure had both local anesthesia and laughing gas and procedure was smooth with no pain. See below: Laughing gas is a form of anesthesia that is commonly used in dentists offices.

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