does diesel burn cleaner than gas

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  • Are diesels cleaner than gasoline engines?

  • Are Diesels Cleaner than Gasoline Engines? – Achates Power The conventional tradeoff between spark-ignited gasoline engines and compression-ignition diesel engines is that diesels are significantly more efficient鈥攐n the order of 30%. One reason for this is that diesel fuel is more energy dense (by volume).

  • Do diesel engines produce more carbon dioxide than gasoline?

  • In other words, while diesel engines produce more carbon dioxide per gallon, per mile a diesel engine produces between 10 and 20 percent less carbon dioxide than a gasoline engine. Simple, gasoline engines produce more carbon dioxide than diesel engines, considerably more.

  • Are diesel and gas engines harmful to the environment?

  • Both these engines 鈥?Diesel and Gas 鈥?contaminate the ecology in some way or the other. If we talk about diesel vs. gas emissions, there are five fundamental gases emitted by diesel as well as gasoline engines. They are: 1. Carbon Monoxide Carbon mono oxide is produced when the fuel is not burnt completely.

  • Is diesel fuel more fuel efficient than other fuel?

  • Because diesel fuel has high energy density and because diesel fuel has high compression resistance, diesel engines are more fuel efficient than other engine types. And, because diesel fuel burns more efficiently 鈥?more completely 鈥?diesel engines pollute less.

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