does driving in neutral save gas

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  • Does neutral save fuel in an automatic car?

  • In an automatic, there are fewer uses for Neutral. One of the biggest misconceptions about Neutral is you can save on fuel by using Neutral to coast to a stop while driving.

  • Does neutral affect fuel consumption when driving on hills?

  • Unfortunately, it doesn鈥檛 work like this for vehicles. See, when you take either your manual or automatic out of gear and into Neutral when driving down a hill you end up using, at the minimum, the same amount of fuel and perhaps more because the engine is still working and the fuel is still flowing.

  • Are You wasting gas when you put your car in neutral?

  • And that’s when the scan tool or oscilloscope will show injector dwell rise from 0 to 5 to 10 percent. So you’re actually wasting gas by putting your car into neutral. I hear this argument as well: My car-mileage-information computer goes wild with increased mileage while coasting.

  • Does coasting in neutral consume less fuel than in gear?

  • Coasting downhill in neutral consumes less fuel than in gear, right? Wrong. Coasting in neutral is dangerous and it burns up more fuel. Here’s why. I get mail.

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