how long will ethanol free gas last with stabilizer

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One year

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  • What is the shelf life of ethanol-free gas without stabilizers?

  • You get premium gas, synthetic fuel, precise gas-to-oil ratio, and it already includes a stabilizer giving it a whopping 5-year unopened shelf life. When Can I Use Ethanol-Free Gas Without Stabilizers?

  • Should you add fuel stabilizer to ethanol-free gas?

  • Adding a fuel stabilizer to ethanol-free gas can extend its shelf life and preserve it through the offseason. However, Ethanol-free gas does not attract as much water as ethanol-based gas thanks to the lack of alcohol, so it鈥檚 unlikely that you鈥檒l see any benefit unless storing for an extended time.

  • How long does fuel last in a fuel stabilizer?

  • If you are preparing your premix with ethanol-based gas, you will need to use stabilizers in the mix if you are planning to store the fuel for as little as two weeks. The quick spoilage process is due to the ethanol itself. The alcohol will attract moisture.

  • How long can you use ethanol-free gasoline before it goes bad?

  • While ethanol-free gasoline is suitable for use after six months without having to add stabilizers, you should blend the oil and gas only two weeks before the date you are planning to use your equipment.

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