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The formula to calculate gas mileage:Miles driven gallons used to refill the tank. Take the miles traveled (from the trip computer), divide that by the number of gallons used to refill the tank. For example, the trip shows 200 miles since you last filled up, and it took 15 gallons to refill the tank.

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  • How do I find out the gas mileage of my car?

  • Find out the gas mileage of your car by entering the distance you have travelled and the amount of fuel that was used in the form below. Give us the current fuel price in your local currency and we’ll calculate your cost per kilometer at the same time. (It doesn’t matter if you use petrol, diesel or bio-fuel, the calculator knows them all)

  • How do you calculate fuel costs from mpg?

  • Then we divide the MPG by the fuel costs, updating the fuel price factor each month for their location. For example, if the standard reimbursement vehicle gets 22.5 mpg and the gas prices are $5.50/gallon, we calculate the gas rate to be $.2444/mile.

  • Why use our simple gas trip calculator?

  • Our simple gas trip calculator can help you improve fuel economy, estimate mileage, and plan for a road trip! With fuel prices rising, it鈥檚 important to know what gas mileage you鈥檙e getting and at what cost.

  • How does the fuel economy calculator work?

  • It takes account of gas price or fuel cost in the currency you choose, the car efficiency expressed either in gallons per mile or in liters per mile and by one of the two options available (either the distance you are willing to travel or the budget you can afford ).

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