what happens if you spill gas on yourself

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  • What happens if you spill gasoline on Yourself?

  • Spilling gasoline on yourself is a serious situation. As soon as possible, remove and throw away clothes that have been doused in gasoline, and definitely don鈥檛 wash and put them through the dryer, the leftover residue of gasoline will ignite in the dryer. Rinse your body with water as soon as you can, using a non-abrasive soap.

  • What should you do if you spill fuel at a gas station?

  • Finally, take the fuel can to its destination immediately, leaving the fuel can in a hot car is a recipe for disaster. If you鈥檙e involved in a spill at a gas station near you, don鈥檛 panic, everything can be taken care of in a safe fashion, just follow these steps. Notify an employee if one is available.

  • Why is gasoline so dangerous?

  • Due to gasoline鈥檚 low flash point and high vapor density it鈥檚 one of the most dangerous liquids that we see in our everyday lives, but with a little information and vigilance it鈥檚 a simple matter to keep yourself and those around you safe while visiting the gas station. Visit here to learn more about gasoline vapor.

  • What happens if you leave the fuel pump unattended?

  • Once you begin fueling, never leave the pump. Spilled gasoline is a serious hazard, and risking a spill by walking away from the fuel pump is never worth it. It鈥檚 highly possible for a fuel spill to occur when the pump is left unattended due to a variety of reasons, including malfunctioning sensors.

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