when will gas prices go down in utah

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  • How much is a gallon of gas in Utah right now?

  • Currently, the average price for regular gasoline in Utah is around $3.15 per gallon, according to AAA. That鈥檚 well below the highest price seen in the state in July 2008 at $4.22 when crude oil prices were almost $125 per barrel, compared to a closing price of $60 per barrel Wednesday, Roberts said.

  • Why are gas prices going up in Salt Lake City?

  • SALT LAKE CITY 鈥?Going on a road trip this summer could be a bit more expensive as demand for gas is expected to increase over the next several months, driving fuel prices higher. 鈥淧eople are getting vaccinated and case counts are going down,鈥?said Gavin Roberts, assistant professor of economics at Weber State University. 鈥淧eople are feeling safer.

  • How high will gas prices rise in August?

  • Analysts at JP Morgan predict that the national average gas price could surge by 37%, leading to prices of up to $6 a gallon by August, Fox Newsstated. These predictions are based on high national driving expectations, paired with a low fuel supply.

  • Will gas prices hit $6 a gallon in 2022?

  • A customer readies to pump gas at this Ridgeland, Miss., Costco, Tuesday, May 24, 2022. Some analysts predict that gas could reach up to $6 a gallon by August. Rogelio V. Solis, Associated Press On Tuesday, national gas prices hit a record high of $4.59, according to AAA.

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