where can i use my chevron gas card

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The Chevron and Texaco Credit Card can be usedanywhere Visa is accepted,and that’s pretty much anywhere credit cards are accepted. The Chevron and Texaco Gas Card (without the Visa logo) can only be used at Chevron or Texaco gas stations.

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  • What credit cards are accepted at Chevron gas stations?

  • Chevron and Texaco Techron Advantage鈩?credit cards provide convenient options for purchasing fuel and, retail items at our service stations. Chevron, Texaco and Caltex business credit cards are accepted at our stations for fuel, snacks and fleet vehicle needs.

  • Where can I use my Chevron fuel rebate card?

  • With fuel rebates at Chevron and Texaco stations, you might not want to fuel up anywhere else鈥攂ut if you need to, you can, since this card is also accepted at most major fuel stations across the U.S. Earn up to 6 per gallon starting at 500 gallons when you fuel up at Chevron and Texaco stations. View Rebates

  • Why should you have a Chevron credit card?

  • Wherever you鈥檙e headed 鈥?it pays to have a Chevron credit card or gift card. Whether paying for Chevron gas or purchasing food and auto items inside the station, the Techron Advantage credit card delivers quality and convenience, including 3 gallon. in Fuel Credits, every fill-up, every time.

  • How do I use a chevron gift card at the pump?

  • Consumers can use the gift cardsto purchase any Chevronproducts — gas, snacks and services — at the gas pump or inside retail stores at both Chevronand Texaco stations (supplied by Chevron). The consumer gift cardsare reloadableso value can be added to the cardat any time.

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